The Team

Rawd Jones and Mathew DeBlanc have spent the last two decades serving people. Their engaging listening ability as well as their well-balanced approach to serious issues, has enabled them to genuinely help individuals and families remain intact. Both possess an unyielding passion for empowering people to work through their challenges and get back to living fulfilled and productive live. Each has a distinct approach to creating an environment where individuals are comfortable opening up and sharing. They will build trust and rapport with employees.

Rawd Jones (Co-Founder)

Rawd has served in pastoral ministry for over 26 years and has served with many different ministries, denominations and churches. Rawd pioneered an Employee Care/Chaplaincy program at Hawaiian Falls 3 years ago based on care services, leadership training and employee development for their 700+ staff. Rawd is also called upon by professional services companies for consultation, crises managements and pastoral care. Rawd is happily married to his wife of 22 years and has 2 children.

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Mathew DeBlanc (Co-Founder)

Mathew is known for his passion for people, spending the past 12 years serving in pastoral ministry in the greater Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth Metro areas. He has traveled by invitation nationally and internationally speaking to thousands, developing leaders, and equipping people for everyday life. As an avid entrepreneur, Mathew owns a speaking and consulting company based in North Dallas. His passion for people is surpassed only by his love for his wife of 11 years and 2 children.

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Care Specialists

Our Care Specialists are experienced professionals that represent a diverse mix of age, gender and ethnicity. We have long standing personal and professional relationships with each of our team members. All of our Care Specialists have been vetted, trained and are experienced in care and crises situations.